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Last updated November 3, 2021

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How pregnancy affects COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness

After receiving both shots, pregnant and lactating people’s initially weaker immune response becomes as robust as the general populations’

Graphene transistor detects SARS-CoV-2 in less than a minute

Device uses DNA probes to identify COVID-19 virus RNA with speed and high sensitivity

Women submitted fewer papers during the start of COVID-19

The finding spanned all research areas in a study of Elsevier journals

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Undergrads Hit Hard by Pandemic Navigate Disruption

Despite the hurdles, students are still determined to be scientists as they adapt to redesigned learning.

How I Started an ACS Student Chapter in Quarantine

Bombay College of Pharmacy student and her peers put in the work to start an international ACS student chapter during the pandemic. See how it has paid off.

Pandemic Stress: The Toll It Is Taking on Students

Students describe the challenges of online classes, lost opportunities, and more.

Doing Undergrad Research in the Time of COVID

COVID restrictions might have delayed or canceled your plans for pursuing research opportunities, but you can still develop research skills during the pandemic. 

COVID-19 Research in ACS Journals

Check out this free collection of COVID-19 research published in the Virtual Issue of ACS Publications. The Virtual Issue provides a brief overview of important contributions of chemistry to understanding and controlling the spread of coronaviruses and includes articles from ACS Publications and the preprint server ChemRxiv. Chemistry plays a key role in understanding everything from viral structure to pathogenesis, isolation of vaccines and therapies, as well as in the development of materials and techniques used by basic researchers, virologists and clinicians. We hope the research contained in the Virtual Issue gives you important insight into challenges and approaches in virus research.